top 5 documentaries

the best i think i had was marshy because she did everything in a way that it flowed. it was really nice and neat and well written it almost felt like i was in the story.  what i liked the most was how she put the people and like all their crimes that they did in the past and how long they were i  tier for.


the second was terrez his was real nice because  he had like all of Allen iverson accomplishments and it showed his life and all the obstacles that he went through to get to the top.


Jessica was really nice the thing i liked about hers was her video it helped me out a lot and how she talked. her examples was really nice.


the next one was Annette because  it was well written i never knew how much a celebrity can go through and not break down. it was about Justin  and how he was  going to famous before his first concert.


the next one was iz’ana    her was very nice and it was about beyonce and how much she had to go trough and she didn’t stop till she got to the top. it talked about his childhood, obstacles, and her singing career.

smore documentary analysis.

the one i liked the most was marshy  you should watch her smore because i really liked how she explained all  of her stuff really nice and it you know what happened and what it was about i like she even said the chacters and what they did and how they regret some of the things that they did in their life. she did into the abyss.



the next one i did was Jessica she did Amanda Knox this was a really nice one because it helped portray her life  in a good way so people should know how she lived and what things she did. she had really nice examples about  what happened.


the next one is terrez he did Allen iverson the crossover  this one was really nice because he showed his accomplishments and went through the stages in his life about how he did this and what it took to get through it without having to get help



the next one is Annette she did never say never this was about Justin biebier  and how he become famous before he was a singer and a few days before his first big concert. it showed his lifestyle i think you should watch this because it tells a person’s life in the stages that are good




the last one is Iz’ana this was about beyonce life is bit a dream this one was about the obstacles she faced before she become famous having to deal with her family and friends. and described her childhood and everything he did in her life.




family culture

so my family does a lot but we mostly just sit and watch basketball games because that’s all that we do. And then sometimes we watch your play college football on TV because him and my sister are the first one’s to go to college ver in my family. my family is very small  there is only 4 people in my family and i am the second oldest put of the 2 child. so my family comes from Elgin, Arkansas, Ohio, Texas and more places we are a very big family some are close while other are not as close. but we all seem to enjoy your time with each other.



Senior presenations

i really think all of the seniors that presentations did a wonderful job to have the courage to go up there and speak in front of all those people is crazy. i liked the third one the most because she did something that a lot of people really don’t know about because i never knew what that was or why it mattered so i defiantly changed the way that i viewed that topic. the aliens one was interesting because i really haven’t heard a lot about area 21 and all the mysteries it holds. And i didn’t know that people still believe in aliens cause i know i don’t they don’t scare me one bit. and then the last one with the social media was very true because in your generation everybody has a phone and uses it for almost everything their communication skills have lacked because they are using the words they text and are actually saying them in person when people that are old school do not know what they are talking about. i think this was a very good thing to go to because it gave a good understanding of things i can do for my research paper instead of doing something everybody knows about

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, Illinois

Cahokia Mounds, some 13 km north-east of St Louis, Missouri, is the largest pre-Columbian settlement north of Mexico. This agricultural society may have had a population of 10–20,000 at its peak between 1050 and 1150. Primary features at the site include Monks Mound, the largest prehistoric earthwork in the Americas, covering over 5 ha and standing 30 m high.  Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site includes 51 platform, ridgetop, and conical mounds; residential, public, and specialized activity areas.  Dominating the community was Monks Mound, the largest prehistoric earthen structure in the New World. Constructed in fourteen stages, it covers six hectares and rises in four terraces to a height of 30 meters. The mounds served variously as construction foundations for public buildings and as funerary tumuli.   Extensive professional excavations have produced evidence of construction methods and the social activities of which the structures are further testimony.

little rock nine

so i am doing the little rock  they were  a group of nine individuals  that were upset by the way the schooling system so one day  they stood outside and protested because  they were not allowed in to the school wen they had enrolled in the school  these kids are  from Arkansas. it was a all white but they  got enrolled in it so they didn’t see a problem with it but the people in the school did since they were all black,  Back then there was segregation  so black and whites couldn’t be with each other  at  certain  places so they had to  different things one for blacks and one for whites.  The little rock nine faced a struggle back then with schools but that didn’t stop them from getting what they wanted and that was a education. The little rock nine was very influence  because they helped others to see that combining other  rascis into one school would not be bad it would actually bring a greater chance of everybody to become friends with each other.  this is why today that people with different colors can be in the same school because of them  and their struggles and courage to keep going.


so i chose these 3 commercials because when i looked at the they looked interesting. so in the first video the purpose was that everybody should get mr.clean because he makes your life easier and works. and in the second video with cam newton the purpose was to just get people to buy the Buick and trying to grab their attention. the purpose was  to get a ford because hr will go further in a lot of things in life. the audience of all three of the videos i would say is the people that were watching the Superbowl because they were intended for them to like them when the game was not on.  i like all three of 3 commercial  after i looked at them especially the Mr.Clean  that one was really funny it reminded me that i really need that in my room because it’s a mess.  i agree  that these were some really good commercials to put in the middle of the Superbowl . these Superbowl commercials are meant to make people laugh and enjoy the wait so if the people do not like what they see they will either turn the channel and watch it when it comes back on or they will just not watch it t all.  i think they should make more sport commercials during the Superbowl game because it will get people more into the game and more people would watch it or they could make more puppy commercials because everybody loves dog’s and they would be happy if they were more commercials of them.




stress ball

so i made a stress reliever ball i made this because it shows a lot of things first of all i like balls i can squeegee  and it calls me down. I get  really mad at times and when i have a ball that i can squeegee it helps me a lot because i can squeegee or throw it because its not that hard and it wont hurt anybody around me. i like tennis  balls also because u can toss them on the ground and catch them when they come back up. Also they  are very things to throw at the way just in cause somebody tries to make you mad or tries to push your buttons for no reason.  i always carrying  around some type of ball because  it keeps me calm and helps be be focus  on what  i have to do rather then others. And it pretty much tells everybody  that i have  anger  problems so don’t do anything try and make me made causes i will say something back that u might not like and i might not even care about it right after depending on who the person is.  Stress balls are  something i really enjoy and i am happy that they have come  out with something like this because if they didn’t who knows what will happen somebody might try to fight somebody because they didn’t like what they said  or what they did to make them mad. this is why  the stress ball  describes me.

death plenty 2

So  according to black people that voted for the death plenty 68 percent said yes and 32 percent said no which is really a decent amount because a lot of people have their opinions for it.  A death plenty is when u got to prison for doing something bad and depending on how bad your crime is the people in the court will decide if you will have the death plenty. my opinion is that depending on the crime I think they should get it but if you just did a minor crime then you should just  go their and do your time. Some of the reasons the people said yes was if they do a horrible crime and don’t have no evidence to say anything about it. Another person said they should talk it over with their family about there punishment. While the people on the other side said that  spending life in prison would be a harsher punishment then putting them on a death plenty another person said   to many people are innocently convicted. People just need to know that their actions have consequences so if you do something really bad be prepared to take your punishment even if you don’t think its the right decision but you can’t do anything because you don’t have no power over the people that are deciding your fiat.

words that describe me

i made this into a basketball because i like the sport and it shows a lot of things about my character that people dont know.  some of the words i chose had to do with what a lot of people describe me when they see me and they know me really well.